Message from the Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Our hospital has Departments of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation that specialize in musculoskeletal disorders related to physical and sports activities, Departments of Dentistry and Oral Surgery that specialize in mastication dysfunction and jaw deformities, as well as a Department of Anesthesiology assisting in surgery and pain management.
We treat bones, joints, muscles, nerve disorders, oral diseases, jaw deformities etc. with patients ranging from children to the elderly.
Our hospital’s expertise lies in choosing the best individual treatment plans from a variety of options throughout the whole process from the initial diagnosis to reintegration into society and sports.
As our primary goal is to help patients quickly return to their social lives and sports activities, our staff will do their best and work as hard as they can to facilitate the patient’s recovery.
We aim to be a patient-centered medical facility.
We strive to satisfy the treatment needs of our patients and when we encounter situations beyond our expertise, we will gladly refer patients to specialty hospitals.
In Medical Fitness, "Get your body moving" trainers help prevent and/or care for musculoskeletal disorders and help clients achieve higher functions.
Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Makoto Sugawara, MD & Ph. D