We will support your health.

Based on the patient's perspective, we will strive to provide high-quality medical services that can be relieved.
We will strive to create a hospital that both patients and staff can satisfy.
We constantly strive to improve the quality of medical care.

It is information on access to our hospital.

It is medical time and information on doctor in charge.

It is information about outpatient clinics.

It is information about our hospitalization at our hospital.

It is information about consultation and support.

It is a message from the hospital directer Makoto Sugawara.

Closed doctor's office day

Dr. Itoda:26th、30th
Dr. Shiozaki:16th
Dr. Saitou:2nd
Dr. Nonaka:26th


Dr. Takahashi:14th
Dr. Itoda:28th
Dr. Shiozaki:7th
Dr. Saitou:21st

Emergency reception day
Assigned time 9: 00 ~ next 9: 00

・October 9
・October 27
・November 13
・November 24